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About Wagman



One day in 1912, two brothers named Oscar and Nathan Wagman (pictured above wearing the bowler hat, 5th from the right) opened a raw horsehair processing factory in South Philadelphia. Oscar moved to China in 1920, and realizing the potential of animal hair applications in the field of brush components, the brothers expanded their business to the Tianjin province. 

In Tianjin, Oscar established an animal hair processing facility, which dealt in red fox fur, hog bristle, goat hair, yak hair and horsehair. Joined by Nathan’s son Howard, the family expanded its product line, first to human hair products (such as human hair weaves and wholesale human hair), and then, several years later, into paint applicators (paint brushes, chip brushes, artist brushes and more). Wagman Primus maintained a presence in China – and kept its operation in Philadelphia – for many years after. 

In 1996, Richard Sheerr purchased Wagman Primus and focused its efforts on providing global product sourcing in human hair, brush components and artist supplies to North American customers. 

In September 2008, Wagman Primus sold its entire brush and brush components business to Sherwin-Williams. After 86 years, the company’s sole focus was once again human and animal hair.

In 2014, it was announced that Wagman would close its doors. On hearing that a company that has been an institution in the hair industry since its inception in 1912 was closing, an opportunity was presented to carry on a legacy over 100 years in the making. In October 2014, Wagman Primus and Wagman Hair were sold to a world leader in human hair importing and exporting. The Pennsylvania operations were closed and moved to Massachusetts with a commitment to uphold the standards in both product quality and customer service that the former Wagman owners set forth.

In July 2019, the Wagman brand was purchased by The Hair Factory with the intention of consolidating the operations of both brands and offering a more streamlined experience and expanded product line to all clients.



Wagman's line of Indian hair extensions have been collected ethically in a single-cut from one, individual donor (Remy Single Drawn). After collected from our source, the temples of India, the hair undergoes a very strict quality control process to make certain that every piece meets our customer's expections. Because the hair originates from one donor, all the cuticles of the hair are aligned from root to tip, making the hair virgin, remy, and tangle-free. Its natural state makes the hair durable and reusable for up to one year (or longer!) with proper care.

The virgin qualities of our products give you the freedom to color and heat-style the way you would with your own hair: It can be washed, blow dried, curled, flat ironed, colored and permed while still maintaining its original beauty and vitality. Our hair is light in weight and supple which gives it natural flow and movement.

Wagman does not use any silicone, synthetic fibers or fillers in our production process. Our hair is 100% Virgin Remy Indian Hair - guaranteed!

Wagman's Straight, Wavy and Curly textures are completely natural, virgin Indian hair. The textures are natural (not manipulated or permed). Aside from a gentle washing, they are completely unprocessed. They are not dyed - they come in their natural virgin tone. Because of this, each piece will be slightly different from the next in both color and texture. These textures are available in a machine weft or hand-tied weft.

To create the Spiral Curl and Relaxed Straight, we start with the same virgin Indian hair and use steam texturing to create the pattern. The hair maintains the virgin qualities but will be precisely patterned. Like straight, wavy and curly, these textures are also not dyed but are only available in machine wefted at this time.