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What type of hair does the Hair Factory offer?

We offer only the highest quality human hair available in the market today. We offer a variety of textures and colors for professional results. Our hair is a favorite of many salons throughout the beauty industry because we offer a timely, high quality consistent product.


How much hair do I need?

Weave Style: On average short styles need approximately three to six ounces of hair, shoulder lengths require eight to ten ounces and longer lengths require ten to twelve ounces or more depending on desired fullness.
Loose Extensions or Braiding Styles: The average head may require two or more bundles as these styles are generally designed for longer and fuller styles.


What If I want a change without a commitment?

If you don’t want to make a commitment or would like to give your hair a rest in between weaves, try Our Magic Hair Clip-Ins. It is a great way to pull off that holiday or special event look. Choose from a complete clip in kit to individual sections. We recommend calling to custom order your clip-ins to get that perfect match to your hair texture and color.


How do I care for my purchased hair?

Hair weaves should be changed every three to four weeks on average to avoid tangling, frizzing or shedding. For best results with your weaves we recommend the following simple maintenance but important steps for longevity. Please follow these instructions to ensure complete satisfaction.

  • Be sure to brush the hair after each use in order to minimize tangling.
  • The Hair Factory uses only human hair, and that moisturizing our hair is just as important, as moisturizing your own hair. Note that lighter hair extensions or varying shades of blond need both moisture and protein. The use of low- to sulfate-free shampoo is highly recommended, traditional shampoos can strip hair of natural oils.
  • Protein shampoos should be used every three to four weeks if you are using heat on the pieces, while moisturizing shampoos can be used weekly. To get rid of build-up, use a deep-cleansing shampoo biweekly.
  • All hair types can experience damage from daily heat styling. Use heat sparingly, and apply a protectant before using hot irons.


For flowing extensions - do I need bulk (loose) hair?

For fusion & other strand-by-strand hair additions, most hairstylists prefer to buy wefted hair. They simply cut it off the weft as they attach. The hair is easier to control & there is a much larger selection of hair textures. You do not lose any length. If you need 18" length, order 18".


What is Remi Hair?

Remi (Remy) hair is the most popular type of hair for extensions or weaves. Superior human quality hair strands with cuticles that run from root to tip and are less likely to mat or tangle. Less processing allows for longer lasting beautiful hair. Our Pure Virgin Indian Remi hair line is our highest quality collection. Pure Remi is only available in a natural off-black to a dark brown tone with natural wave patterns.


I'm unsure of my hair color, what do I do?

Most natural hair is not one solid color. Some parts are darker & some slightly lighter. Try choosing a shade close to yours and blend for a natural look. Use our color guide chart to find the number that is closest to your hair. For unusual colors, send a sample of hair for matching or purchase a color ring for guidance.


What texture should I order?

If you are not wearing a full weave, you need to be able to blend with your own texture, try using a relaxed textured hair. If your wearing a full weave why not try a wavy or curly look, most important is to achieve a natural look that is full of movement. , choose a texture similar to your own, such as silky straight, wavy, relaxed, etc. If you are completely eliminating your own hair, you can select any texture or length you want for a totally new look.
Note: when selecting a texture based on the picture of the model, please consider that the hair has been styled and/or cut.
About Wave Patterns - the longer the length of hair, the looser the curl or wave pattern will be. The lighter the shade, the looser the curl or wave pattern will be.


I have placed products, conditioning agents, used tools and made a mess of my hair. What can I do?

Clean it. Occasionally we hear this from our customers and we have them send in a sample. We take the hair and simply wash and condition with mild products. The hair comes back to it original beautiful state. Many times customers forget that they are using human hair and do not care for this properly. They forget that this hair is not attached to the scalp and is not receiving the nutrients your own hair does. It is important to keep you hair clean and conditioned properly. If you do like to use a lot of product in your hair, we highly recommend using a clarifying shampoo at least once a month.