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5 compelling reasons to try short lace front wigs

5 compelling reasons to try short lace front wigs

Posted by HairFactory Team on Nov 14th 2022


5 reasons to give short lace front wigs

Lace front wigs are extremely versatile hair accessories that anyone can benefit from! Even though they've existed for decades and were traditionally worn to conceal baldness, wigs continue to be the ideal choice for women of all ages as their appeal has expanded hugely.

So, if you are looking for reasons to give short lace front wigs a try, we have the most compelling reasons for you. We will reveal the top 5 reasons to wear short lace front wigs ASAP! 

5 Reasons To Try Short Lace Front Wigs

Below are the 5 compelling reasons to wear short lace front wigs ASAP!

1. Give Your Natural Hair A Break

You put your hair through the wringer with regular heat-styling, detangling, and touch-ups with styling products. Whenever you brush your hair, you are pulling your strands, causing breakage and split ends. Heat-styling tools like curling wands and flat irons are also incredibly damaging to your natural hair and lead to heat-related damage and breakage.

Short lace front wigs cover your entire natural hair and protect it from daily manipulation. These short lace wigs give your hair a much-needed break. Your natural hair will not need to be groomed or detangled when safely tucked underneath the wig; you can leave it alone while still flaunting several looks with a short lace front wig.

Your mane will thrive and mend from previous trauma with minimal manipulation. After using short lace front wigs, many observe substantial hair growth and an improvement in hair density. So, if you want to give your natural hair a rest, you should get a short lace front wig.

2. Reduces Styling Time By Half!

Getting ready in the mornings may seem like a burden, especially as the cold weather sets in! Not only do you have to ensure your #OOTD is on point, but your hair too! Depending on your hair length and how it feels (we know our hair has a mind of its own!), it can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to style your hair. You could save and cut your morning grooming time by half with short lace front wigs!

You can flaunt the sultry waves, the perfect blow-out, or a headful of bouncy ringlets with short lace wigs. These styles will take forever with your natural hair, whereas with a short lace front wig, you can get it in no time! That's why you need to try short lace front wigs ASAP!

3. Offers The Best Styling Versatility

Do you enjoy changing p your look regularly? If this is the case, it is critical to understand that the hair cannot withstand intensive styling for an extended period. Luckily, short lace front wigs let you sport any hairstyle you want without long-term hair damage or commitment!

With short lace front wigs, you can achieve simple and chic bone-straight styles to sophisticated or dramatic wavy and curly hairstyles. And, if you love the pulled-back look, short lace wigs are the best units because the lace provides a natural-looking hairline. Short lace wigs also offer free styling and parting options– which is a huge benefit for someone who loves trying new looks! 

4. Short Lace Front Wigs Protect Your Hair!

Wearing short lace wigs will help protect your natural hair from dust, dirt, and pollution, as these wigs provide complete coverage. It also means you won't touch your natural mane often, promoting faster and stronger hair growth.

While wearing short lace front wigs, you won't need to use hair products or apply heat and chemicals of any kind to your natural hair. All the heat-styling will be done on the short lace front wig while your natural hair grows without disruption.

5. Conceals Hair Thinning & Bald Spots

As briefly mentioned earlier, short lace wigs provide complete coverage. Short lace wigs are a saving grace for women struggling with hair thinning and bald spots. These two conditions create severe emotional and psychological distress and a loss of confidence!

Short lace front wigs can perfectly conceal hair loss caused by alopecia or medical conditions.

These lace front wigs feature a lace panel with hand-tied human hair that create an illusion of natural hair growing from your scalp. So, if you suffer from either or both, short lace front wigs could be your hair savior if you let them!


These are the most compelling reasons to try short lace front wigs. If any of the 5 reasons listed resonates with you, we recommend you give short lace front wigs a try. These wigs are versatile and low-maintenance, protect your natural hair, and cut styling time by half! 

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