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Top 10 Ash Blonde Hair Colors For A Cool Summer 2022!

Top 10 Ash Blonde Hair Colors For A Cool Summer 2022!

Jun 9th 2022


Ash blonde hair is often synonymous with summer hair because of its avant-garde and tasteful look.

The light blonde, silver, and grey undertones are not brassy, unlike other metallic hair colors. These gorgeous shades of ash blonde colors will suit any skin tone and can be customized to your preferences for a unique touch.

 Ash Blonde Hair Colors

10 Ash blonde hair ideas for hot girl summer

You can blend ash blonde with rich pastel hair colors like balayage lilac and blue for a subtle summery vibe. With a plethora of ways to express yourself with ash blonde locks, what’s not to love about this stunning hue?

With human hair extensions, wigs or bundles, you can color the tresses as you desire to achieve stunning ash-blonde hair looks without causing any damage to your own beautiful hair!

As inspiration for your next salon visit, see our top 10 ash blonde hair colorsto try this summer!

1. Balayage Ash Blonde

Balayage ash blonde waves

Balayage is a hair coloring process in which highlights are hand-painted onto the hair. Traditional

foil highlights produce a considerably more natural-looking effect. It also takes less time and requires less maintenance because root regrowth is not an issue.

Ash blonde is a cool blonde color that you can style in various ways. This summer hair color will help you refresh your naturally light hair, make it feel more modern, and give darker hair more depth and character.

Balayage Ash Blonde Inspiration

Has anyone ever seen tousled balayage ash blonde tressesand not wished they had it? We will take it as a big nope. Rocking a textured ash blonde locks in a long bob might be the cut of the decade!

2. Smooth Silvery Streaks

blonde hair colors

Sliver streaks

Ash blonde shadeis a silvery blonde with grey undertones. The cool hue is really attractive, especially for people with cool skin tones.

So, adding silvery streaks make your hair game look on point. Another plus is brightening up your face, making your skin look healthy.

Pro Tip: If you want a face-framing effect, be sure to get highlights towards the ends and around the face.

Smooth Silvery Streaks Inspiration

Avoid the dreaded triangle-shaped cut by layering your curls this summer. Instead, get smooth silver highlights because nothing gets the party going like a head full of curls with silver highlights!

3. Dark Ash Blonde Hair

blonde hair colors 2022

Dark ash blonde hair for the win

Ash blonde hair comes in various tints, ranging from light to dark. Dark ash blonde is a cool color that looks good on most complexion tones and is more subtle than lighter tints.

The color is ideal for giving naturally light hair depth and dimension. You can also use it to lighten dark hair and make it feel new and trendy.

The hue has a more edgy vibe than a typical dark blonde, making it an enticing option for people looking for something unique for hot summer days!

Dark Ashy Hair Inspiration

Something about a pin-straight, sassy haircut with dark ash blonde makes us want to get a mojito and take over the world. This is razor-sharp yet still playful.

4. Muted Ash Blonde Hair

light blonde hair colors

Muted ash blonde hair

With barely a trace of silver and grey tones, a pale shade of ash blonde seems more muted. It resembles platinum blonde in appearance but is more wearable and adaptable for a cool summer.

Ash blonde hair color will be great with light brown or blonde hair, and you can create a high-contrast look with dark hair. All you need to do is combine the hue with darker roots.

Muted Ash Blonde Inspiration

We'll be surfing the summer waves for the rest of the year with muted ash blonde tressesyear long if we could! Be sure to add long layers and choose a lightweight hairspray for this ultimate beach hairstyle!

5. Mushroom Ash Blonde Hair

hair colors ash blonde

Mushroom ash blonde in action

Mushroom hair color is a blend of brown and grey. It is a cool hair color that you can lighten by mixing it with ash blonde. This will result in a unique blend of highlights and lowlights, giving the hair depth and texture.

Summer is all about being effortless. So, you can also get mushroom ash blonde color only at the ends for a low-maintenance and beautiful ombre or balayage effect.

This hair color is ideal for people with naturally dark hair who want to experiment with ash blonde tresses without dying their roots.

Mushroom Ash Hair Inspiration

Curtain bangs are always a good choice with colored wavy locks. Getting curtain bangs on your mushroom ash blonde is a perfect mix of sassy and classy!

Caution: Seeing this hairstyle may lead to an impromptu hair appointment!

6. Vibrant Ash Blonde Hair

summer blonde hair colors

Light ash blonde mane

A light ash blonde is the best alternative if you want more vibrant colors to complement your summer tan. This charming shade has silver and grey undertones and looks well on people with cool skin tones.

You can use highlights or lowlights to add depth and texture to your hair color to keep it from appearing flat. Of course, you can also experiment with other methods to incorporate it into your hair. This includes focusing on just the ends or adding statement highlights to frame your face.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that the light ash blonde might necessitate a change in makeup with a more lively look. A subtle dash of lip colors like peach and baby pink pout will help liven up your look!

Vibrant Ash Blonde Hair Inspiration

Puppies, hot biscuits, and the fact that shag haircuts for summer are among the things we're thankful for. The feathery layers look especially good on thick, vibrant ash blonde hair.

7. Refreshing Medium Ash Blonde Hair

light blonde hair colors

Medium ash blonde hair

A medium ash blonde is an excellent alternative if you want to try ash blonde hair for summer but think the lighter colors are too dramatic.

It offers all of the advantages of the lighter colors, including cool undertones, but it seems more subtle and can be worn by a wider spectrum of skin tones because it isn't as intense.

It's also less likely to make you look drained. This color is appealing because it feels fresh and trendy, and it offers a unique alternative to standard blonde tones.

Medium Ash Blonde Hair Inspiration

If you love to seem light and easygoing rather than stuffy and uptight, go for a windswept medium ash blonde style with lots of layers and texture. Another hair bonus is that the layers give thinner hair a lot of volume!

8. Ombre and Balayage are a dynamic hair duo

dark golden blonde hair colors

A match made in hair heaven

Summer and ombre go hand-in-hand, so it only makes sense we include ombre ash blonde balayage.

Ombre and balayage are two coloring techniques that add depth and complexity to your hair. Balayage is a sweeping effect made by hand-painting color onto the hair, giving you a natural appearance.

When combined with ombre, the color pops even more, as ombre blends two colors, one bright and one dark, starting in the middle of the hair and lightening toward the ends.

These coloring techniques are low-maintenance, so you don't have to worry about touching up your hair color.

The chilly undertone gives the hair a silvery appearance. Ash-blonde hair is an intriguing alternative to the warmer blonde tones.

It's a great method to lighten and brighten black hair without overdoing it.

Ashy Ombre and Balayage Inspiration

Give the deep side part a shot if you want to try an ashy ombre and balayage combination! You'll feel instantly revitalized and ready to take names this summer.

9. Ombre Ash Blonde Hair

caramel blonde hair colors

Ombre ashy blonde mane

If getting ombre and balayage hair feels like a significant change, don’t worry! We have ombre ash blonde hair in all its glory.

Add ash blonde hair to a darker base hair color for the best results, lightening the ends of the hair and adding depth and character. It is especially perfect if your hair is at least a shade or two dark than ash blonde hair for a realistic finish.

If it's darker than this, you'll get a high-contrast look that's both edgy and stylish. Ombre is a popular choice for when you want to change your hair color because it is extremely adaptable and low-maintenance.

Ombre Ash Blonde Hair Inspiration

You heard it first: baby side-swept bangs have returned from the hair graveyard of the early 2000s dashed dreams, and we are here for it! Adding ombre ash blonde hair to the mix is the perfect finish you need for your summer hair!

10. Ash Blonde on Orange Hair

honey blonde hair colors

From orange hair to Gone With The Wind fabulous ash blonde mane

As mentioned above, ash blonde hair is extremely versatile. You can apply the fabulous ash blonde hair to tone down orange hair.

Orange hair is vibrant, expressive, and demands attention.

However, if you want to switch your hair game, you can tone it down and create a subtle contrast by adding ash blonde to orange and red tones for the summer.

This can be done using balayage or highlights to provide depth and texture to the hair. It can also make you look more youthful and playful.

Pro Tip: For a delicate approach, add small streaks of color around the face to frame it, or emphasize the color at the ends of the hair.

Ash Blonde Hair on Orange Hair Inspiration

Mark our words: you'll love dressing up this hairstyle with a gently teased half-up style. Leave out two face-framing items with ash blonde hair to compliment your cheekbones.

FAQs About Ash Blonde Hair

caramel blonde hair colors

Answering your FAQs about ash blonde mane

What's the difference between ash blonde and blonde?

Ash blonde hair is one of the many different colors of blonde. Blonde hair, on the other hand, can be warm or cool, and ash blonde is a cold color.

It is distinguished by its smokey appearance, which includes grey and silver tones.Ash blonde hair looks best on naturally light hair. So you can add it to your existing blonde color to create depth and character. The color also looks best on people with light complexions, however, it can be adjusted to your liking.

Will ash blonde hair cover up brassy orange hair?

Since ash blonde hair lacks brassiness, it is a great choice for concealing orange hair. Ash blonde is a cold blonde with a silver-grey undertone.

The ash blonde color will cancel out the orange's warm tones. It is an excellent choice for hair neutralization.

What does ash coloring do to blonde hair?

Ash hair can be lighter or darker than blonde hair, and it can be used as highlights or lowlights. It is a color that complements naturally light hair and can add depth and richness to your hair color.

You can use an ash blonde hair color in a variety of ways including focusing it simply on the tips, balayage for a natural, sun-kissed look, or strategically applying the color around the face for a framing effect.

If you have warm blonde hair, the coldness of ash blonde hair can help to balance it out and tone it down.


Ash blonde hair color has long been a favorite among the cool-toned crowd. When selecting a new hair color, take your skin tone into account. You should choose a color that complements your skin tone.

Cool-toned colors, including all sorts of ash blonde hair, typically look best on persons with cool undertones and fair skin.

We got you if you want to try the ash blonde hair mentioned above for cool summer nights but are hesitant to damage your natural hair!

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