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Why Remy Weaving Hair Is The Most Sought After Hair?

Why Remy Weaving Hair Is The Most Sought After Hair?

Posted by HairFactory Team on Oct 10th 2022

If this is your first time in the world of hair extensions, you might feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options.It can be challenging to distinguish between various types of extensions, including weft extensions, tape extensions, and clip-in extensions. But one thing that stays consistent is remy weaving hair. But what exactly is Remy hair and what makes it so popular for hair extensions?

Everything you need to know about Remy weaving hair extensions can be found here. So, let's keep rolling.

Remy weaving Hair Definition

In a nutshell, Remy hair is genuine human hair.Generally viewed as the best nature of human hair, Remy hair comes natural and with a cuticle that is held together.As a result, your hair is shiny, soft, aligned and healthy.

Generally, Remy hair weaving comes from a donor who is compensated for their natural hair, typically from Russia, India, Brazil, or Peru, unlike other types of hair extensions.The hair is cut from a ponytail so that the hair can be gathered into a single mass, rather than cutting the hair and letting the pieces fall where they may.

Because the hair lays in the same direction from root to end, the cuticles can be preserved by keeping the bundles of hair together.This ensures that the hair extensions look and feel natural while also preventing tangling.

Why Remy Weaving Hair Are “THE BEST”

Well. there are countless reasons for it, Bet let’s start with a few mentioned below

  • Assuming you are hoping to put resources into hair extensions, you clearly need hair that looks as normal as your own.As previously stated, Remy hair has a smooth texture and a natural appearance that are comparable to your own.
  • Additionally, Remy hair extensions are less likely to tangle and become matted because it undergoes little processing and the cuticles remain intact.Remy hair extensions don't contain silicone, so they stay naturally soft and silky.
  • Not only that, Remy hair extensions can be treated just like your own hair.When it comes to styling, Remy hair is much more adaptable. You can heatstyle them to straighten or curl however you like, tie it up however you like, and even color it if you want to.
  • Remy weaving hair is the best option for you if you want hair extensions that look like your own hair and blend in seamlessly. Remy hair, in contrast to other human hair extensions, is durable and simple to manipulate.

Some Questions About Remy Weaving Hair

Let’s address some day to day questions that users can come across while using remy weaving hair.

Q1: Is It Safe To Dye Remy Weaving Hair?

Many women wonder if Remy hair extensions can be bleached or dyed.After all, a lot of girls who wear extensions eventually grow out of their current shade and want to try new ones.

Remy hair extensions are made entirely of human hair and can therefore yes they can be dyed, bleached, and toned, in contrast to synthetic hair extensions, which lack durability.

Just make sure to follow the following advice if you want to color your extensions.It is essential to keep in mind that Remy hair extensions are made of real human hair and not some invincible material. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that Remy hair extensions are made of real human hair and not some invincible material. Before dyeing your full set, always perform a strand test. Before coloring your hair extensions, wash them with sulphate- and alcohol-free shampoo.In the same way that you should not over-bleach your natural hair, you should not over-color your extensions to prevent damage.

Q2: Can Remy Weaving Hair Be Curled?

In addition to adding length and volume to the hair, hair extensions can be styled to create a wide variety of stunning looks.If you typically have fine or thin hair, curling your hair extensions can change everything.Greetings, gorgeous locks!

Remy hair extensions can withstand heat, unlike other types of extensions, so you won't have to worry about damaging your hair when styling it. And best part, after you wash them, they bounce back to their original texture.

Q3: What is Lifespan Of Remy Weaving Hair

Generally the weave stays in good shape for about 3 months, but if we talk about remy hair alone, the life is much longer for the same. Remy hair extensions are worth purchasing just for their lifespan.If you take good care of your Remy extensions, Indian hair will last 6 to 8 months, and Russian hair will last 10 to 12 months.

However, Remy hair extensions' lifespan is not only a reflection of their quality but also of how well they are cared for after application.Keep in mind that hair extensions don't get any oils from the scalp like our natural hair does, so they need a lot more care.