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Wagman Naturals® Curly

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Wagman Naturals Curly is 100% virgin Indian hair, direct from the source. Our Curly texture is the most versatile pattern we offer. Wear it in its natural curl pattern or easily easily flat iron bone-straight into a beautiful smooth, sleek style. Ready to go curly again? Simply shampoo and let air dry, shake it out and you're ready to go! The curl pattern is 100% natural and will always bounce back to its original curls after a shampoo.

Curl Pattern: Because our Virgin Indian human hair selections come from an individual donor (one head of hair), the curl patterns can vary from a very loose, subtle curl to a deeper, more defined curl and cannot be guaranteed from piece-to-piece. We're happy to discuss your preference—please call us with special requests!

  • 100% Virgin Indian Human Hair
  • Remy Single Drawn
  • Natural Virgin Color (1B-2)
  • Machine Wefted hair is our single weft, reinforced by doubling it over and adding an additional stitch. For additional questions about this product, please contact us.
  • Hand Tied hair is wefted hair constructed by hand to create a strong but much finer weft compared to Machine Wefted hair. This is a specialty installation process so we suggest you check with your stylist before purchasing this product. Hand Tied hair comes in a bundle with between 4 and 5 individual pieces.
  • Each pack contains approximately 3.5oz of hair