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​7 Celebrity-Approved Twist Braids Hairstyles For 2022

​7 Celebrity-Approved Twist Braids Hairstyles For 2022

Jun 30th 2022

You’re all set to recreate great twist braids hairstyles and follow the celebrity-approved trend, but not all of us have celebrity-approved stylists at our beck and call!

Twist Braids Hairstyles

Celebrity-approved twist braid hairstyles to copy this season

Creating a great twist braid is challenging, and pulling off flawless braids isn't as easy as it sounds. Without a bit of inspiration, your twist braids hairstyles can fall flat and appear dull.

Braids have been on trend ever since hair enhancers came out - and thanks to the hair extension evolution, there are a million and one ways to style your braids.

But the main question is, how will you make yourself stand out? The answer is simple! Consider experimenting with Top-Quality Human Braiding Hair.

For a little hair inspo, we’ve rounded up some of the best twist braids hairstyles.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these stunning twist braids hairstyles that are all the rage this season:

#1. Boho Locs

medium twist braids hairstyles

Boho locs, often called bohemian locs

Boho locs are one of the most popular twist braids hairstyles for various reasons: they allow you to wear a variety of hairstyles while keeping your natural hair. The crochet locs and additional extensions to create the freeform locs identify boho locs.

They're incredibly stylish, require very little upkeep, and come in various styles. Human hair extensions are frequently used to create perfectly patterned boho locs and provide thickness as your natural hair grows.

As playful as it is to have braids, it is important to install braiding hair extensions to save your hair from all the unnecessary styling damage.

For this reason, we highly recommend you experiment with our French Refined Bulk to add instant length and volume to pull off immaculate boho locs.

#2. Passion Twists

twist braids hairstyles 2022

Passion twists are one of the trendiest twist braids

If you're new to braids, you're probably wondering what a passion twist is. Another popular twist braids hairdo that celebrities love is the passion twist. Passion twists were designed by Kailyn Rogers (aka The Boho Babe), a Miami-based hairstylist.

Passion twists are easy to maintain and exude a high level of glitz and glamor. Right now, the two-strand twist is all the rage, and you'll be surprised at how versatile it can be.

Creating a passion twist is so simple that you can get it right on the first try. Get started by determining the human hair extensions you're going to use. Since passion twists give you an S-shaped twist, as a result, consider experimenting with Spanish Wavy Bulk.

#3. Jumbo Braid Ponytail

ponytail braid hairstyles

Upgrade your basic ponytail with twist braids hairstyles

Basic ponytails are old and boring, and jumbo braids are the answer to taking your ponytail hairdo up a notch.

However, hair length is the first requirement for pulling off chic braided ponytails.

If you’re ready to get these super hot braided hairstyle, try our Super Deluxe Bulk to add instant length to your hair.

Our human braiding hair at Hair Factory is extremely versatile and suitable for any hair texture, so begin gaming up your ponytail.

What's more? As you unravel your ponytail braids, you'll have already created gorgeous waves that last for days!

#4. Cornrow Plaits

kinky twist braids hairstyles

Cornrows have always been one of the celeb-approved twist braids hairstyles

If you know braids, you know cornrows. Cornrows may appear to be a thing of the past, but they have resurfaced as one of the most sought-after twist braids hairstyles of 2022.

With so many trendsetting celebs like Zendaya and Nicki Minaj wearing them, cornrows are back on-trend! Needless to say, cornrows are one of the most popular protective twist braids hairstyles!

Cornrows are one of our favorite twist braids hairstyles because they are simple, clean, and manageable.

Simply throw in a human braiding hair for extra length! One of our most recent Wavy Gray Bulk Hair collections is designed to create a variety of braids, including cornrows, box braids, and more!

#5. Plaits On Plaits

box braids twist hairstyles

Amp up your twist braids hairstyles with this look

Braiding thin and tiny braids is a really fun way to spruce up your look. Each tiny braid is treated as a strand and secured into French braids, half updos, and other twist braids hairstyles.

For an event, actress Yara Shahidi wore her hair in tiny box braids pulled up into a high ponytail and twisted into a beautiful dutch braid. For a more casual look, you can pull the braids to the side and rock a simple side braid.

Consider using our International Style Super Deluxe Bulkto create braids and volumize your hair density. This way, you'll cause less to no damage to your hair and scalp.

#6. Braided Mohawk

braids and twist hairstyles

Make a fashion statement with one of the daring twist braids hairstyles

Braided mohawks are one of the unique twist braids hairstyles for natural hair braids. How many women have you seen flaunting this unique braided hairdo?

It's the perfect style for you to exude a bold personality and avoid sporting the same look.

Twist braids hairstyles are some of the most protective hairstyles you can have, and when you're not altering your hair as much, your natural tresses are more likely to grow fast.

Let’s get you in on a little secret: Almost every celebrity is seen with the most beautiful braids, thanks to human braiding hair. Incorporate a set of French Refined Bulk 2 Piece Bundle Deal to achieve this look within minutes.

#7. Ballerina Bun

short twist braids hairstyles

Jazz up your look with micro twist braids hairstyles

If you haven't seen it already, micro twist braids hairstyles are taking the fashion industry by storm. Let's give the fine, thick braided locs a break and turn our attention to this celebrity-approved braided bun worn by the American model Eva Marcille.

This beautiful braided hairstyle is not only durable, but it also takes only a few seconds to put together! Still not convinced?

Rock a hassle-free micro braided bun to create a low-maintenance braid with no effort at all.

Using simple micro braiding techniques, you can work on the braided bun and various other braided hairstyles by experimenting with Hair Factory’s Afro Curly Bulk 2 Piece Bundle Deal.

FAQs For Twist Braids Hairstyles

#1. What Is The Best Hair For Twist Braids Hairstyles?

Human hair usually works best for twist braids hairstyles because the realistic appearance of human braiding hair helps prevent the twists from loosening.

Some women choose to wear Kanekalon and synthetic hair. Although this hair is cheaper than human hair alternatives, choosing synthetic or Kanekalon hair means compromising on quality.It all comes down to personal preference.

The two most commonly used hair enhancers for twist braids hairstyles are Indian and Vietnamese hair, which are super receptive to various styling techniques, including braids.

#2. How Long Do Twist Braids Hairstyles Last?

Twist braids hairstyles can last up to 3 months, but hair experts recommend only wearing them for four to six weeks. Otherwise, braids may prevent your natural tresses from getting the moisture it requires.

#3. Can Twist Braids Hairstyles Cause Breakage?

Overstretching your twist braids hairstyle will certainly result in split ends and, eventually, breakage. Avoid overstretching your hair by twisting your ends and securing it with an elastic.

To avoid putting your hair ends through unnecessary damage, pay attention to where your natural hair ends while twisting it.

#4. How Do You Make Twist Braids Last Longer?

If your curly hair has free, sea-like waves, your braids are more likely to unravel after just a few days. Don't fret! If your braids aren't lasting as long as you'd expect, there are a few things you can do to make them last a good amount of time.

Here are some surefire tips to make your braids last longer:

  • Wrap twist braids hairstyles with a silk scarf and bonnet when snoozing.
  • Cut down your wash time. We recommend you wash your twist braids bi-weekly.
  • Keep your scalp moist.
  • Don't wear twist braids for too long, and let your natural hair and scalp breathe.
  • Choosing the right products makes all the difference. Be sure to use products with a stronghold.

Bottom Line

Twist braids hairstyles are protective hairstyles that look great and are very fashionable.

They're popular because they're versatile and low-maintenance, which is especially appealing during summertime when you'd rather be soaking up the sun than fussing with your hair.

Hair Factory offers Braiding hair made entirely of human hair at affordable prices! Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on new products and upcoming sales.